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OWARIMONOGATARI Second Season ist in dieser Sprache nicht verfügbar. Bitte wechsele die Sprache zum Anschauen. Inhalt. During October of his third year in​. Owarimonogatari ist ein Anime des Studios»SHAFT Inc.«mit dem Hauptgenre Geistergeschichten. Beschreibung: Im Oktober seines dritten Jahres auf der. OWARIMONOGATARI, Part 1: End Tale (Owarimonogatari: Monogatari) | NISIOISIN, Vofan | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit.


mein schatz is the fourth (third in TV broadcast) opening theme song of the Owarimonogatari. Jan 19, - SERIES: SECOND SEASON KURO TSUKIMONOGATARI. - NowaifuN0laifu. OWARIMONOGATARI, Part 1: End Tale (Owarimonogatari: Monogatari) | NISIOISIN, Vofan | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit.

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A seven-episode anime television series, an adaptation of the third Owarimonogatari novel, aired on August 12 and 13, An adaptation of Zoku Owarimonogatari was released in theaters on November 10, and as two Blu-ray and DVD volumes on February 27, and March 27, It aired on TV as six episodes between May 18 and June 22, Between Owarimonogatari and Koyomimonogatari. Following this order provides the most seamless viewing experience. You won't feel lost since no story arcs are broken up, allowing you to understand the story clearly. Owarimonogatari II was directed by Tomoyuki Itamura under the chief direction of Akiyuki Shinbo at Shaft, has animation character designs by Akio Watanabe, and features music composed by Kei Haneoka. The season's scripts were co-written by Yukito Kizawa and Muneo Nakamoto [46] of Seven Days War under the supervision of Shinbo and Shaft. OWARIMONOGATARI. Episode 12 SHINOBU Mail, Part 6 Episode 11 SHINOBU Mail, Part 5 Episode 10 SHINOBU Mail, Part 4. Owarimonogatari (終物語) is the 7th Monogatari Series anime adaptation from Studio Shaft. The first 13 episodes of the series were broadcast in , with the last 7 broadcasting in ; two years apart from each other. The first 13 episodes adapts the first two volumes of Owarimonogatari, while the last 7 episodes adapt the third volume. The two discuss the previous day's events, Der Champ talk more on what it means for her as a person. The cat soon escapes from Oshino, then goes after Koyomi; this time, however, she sides with him and aids in searching for Shinobu. As they äthiopien Krieg some time together, Koyomi has a vision of Ougi.
Owarimonogatari Dann empfehlen wir, zusätzlich einen Link zum Anime-Eintrag hier auf aniSearch mit anzugeben. Miyuki Sawashiro. Damit erleichterst Battleship Movie dem Empfänger die Suche nach dem Anime und bietest ihm eine ganze Fülle an Informationen!
Owarimonogatari OWARIMONOGATARI. Episode 12 SHINOBU Mail, Part 6 Episode 11 SHINOBU Mail, Part 5 Episode 10 SHINOBU Mail, Part 4 /5(46). Owarimonogatari: End Tale (Light Novel) - ; Vol: 3; Characters. Koyomi ARARAGI. Hiroshi Kamiya 19 Ougi OSHINO. Kaori Mizuhashi 6 Shinobu OSHINO. Maaya Sakamoto 27 Sodachi OIKURA. Marina Inoue 3 Suruga KANBARU. Miyuki Sawashiro 7 Tsubasa HANEKAWA. Yui Horie 13 Episode. Miyu Irino 2. 32 rows · Owarimonogatari I was directed by Tomoyuki Itamura under the chief direction of Akiyuki .

After a brief meeting with Karen, Koyomi leaves home on his bike, on the way encountering Tsubasa Hanekawa, his classmate, sporting a large bandage on her left cheek.

Tsubasa confesses to him that she was hit in the face by her foster father and asks Koyomi to not tell anyone about it, offering to grant any request in exchange for his silence; however, Koyomi only asks her to let him use his blood to heal her wound.

Kenjirou Okada. Koyomi pays a visit to Oshino bringing him some donuts, but ends up giving them to Shinobu instead. Oshino asks Koyomi about his encounter with Tsubasa and learns from him that after having her wound healed, the two of them came across a dead silver cat with no tail, which Tsubasa buried.

Later that night, Koyomi comes across Tsubasa, possessed by the cat and dragging her unconscious parents along with her. Koyomi tries to stop her, but she flees after tearing off his left arm.

After calling an ambulance for her parents and reattaching his arm, Koyomi wakes up at Oshino's place beside Shinobu and learns from him that he had been asleep for over twelve hours, and that Shinobu has been staying beside him to help his recovery.

Oshino also claims that Tsubasa is now beyond help and leaves to confront her after asking Koyomi to stay out of his way.

Koyomi breaks into Tsubasa's house and is shocked to discover that she does not have her own room there. When classes resume and Tsubasa never comes to school, Koyomi seeks out Oshino, who informs him that after challenging the Cursed Cat twenty times he was unable to defeat it even once.

Although a Cursed Cat is usually a weak type of Oddity, this one has made use of Tsubasa's outstanding intelligence to outsmart him. He also warns that the cat must be stopped before its conscience merges fully with hers or rescuing Tsubasa will be impossible.

The following day, Koyomi meets the cat, who asks him to stay out of its way, claiming that it will eventually return Tsubasa's body to her once it manages to relieve her of all her stress.

Unable to stop her from leaving, Koyomi realizes that his feelings for Tsubasa have surpassed even love, proclaiming that he is ready to die for her if necessary.

Koyomi manages to lure Tsubasa to Oshino's place by sending her an e-mail claiming he is under attack by a vampire, but instead of comforting her, he berates Tsubasa for allowing herself to be possessed, prompting her to attack him.

After Tsubasa slices Koyomi's body in half, it is revealed that it was all part of his plan to have herself cut with the sword, which was concealed in his body.

However, Tsubasa refuses to let the Cursed Cat leave her body, and Shinobu appears to restore Koyomi's body and to bring Tsubasa back to normal.

The next day, Tsubasa has returned to her normal life with no memories of what happened. Oshino suggests Koyomi marry Tsubasa in order to give her the family she always wanted; but Koyomi replies that, despite truly caring for her, he would never be able to fall in love with her.

Some time later, Koyomi is about to meet Hitagi for the first time, leading to the events of Bakemonogatari. It's the beginning of the second semester and on her way to the first day of school, Tsubasa has a short meeting with Mayoi who reveals that she has just came from Koyomi's house where she forgot her backpack, but could not retrieve it as he was not at home by that time.

Soon after, Tsubasa has an encounter with an apparition in the form of a huge white tiger who just passes by her and upon arriving at school she tells Hitagi about it.

Hitagi points out that though Koyomi is the best person to assist her, Tsubasa did not call for his help at all, also remembering that he always stood for them without the need of asking him.

Some time later, Tsubasa and Hitagi watch smoke rising from afar and Tsubasa discovers that her house is on fire. With her house destroyed and no place to sleep, Tsubasa claims to her parents that she will sleep at a friend's house, but she decides to spend the night at the abandoned cram school where Oshino lived instead.

After learning about her situation, Hitagi looks for her and upon finding Tsubasa, she takes her to her house, suspecting that the white tiger she saw might have some connection with the fire.

After deciding to skip school for the next day, Hitagi and Tsubasa receive a mail from Koyomi, where he states that he must leave for a while to deal with some business of his and as they are about to take a bath together, Hitagi asks Tsubasa if she still loves Koyomi.

Tsubasa instantly replies that she does. As her parents still had not found another place to live, Tsubasa keeps staying at Hitagi's place.

However, it is later revealed that the recent events had such an impact on Tsubasa that she is once again possessed by the Cursed Cat.

The possessed Tsubasa sneaks away from Hitagi's house to confront the tiger she had met previously, as, according to her, the fire at her house was caused by it.

After a fierce confrontation with the apparition, Tsubasa returns to Hitagi's house just to find her awake and waiting for her.

Since Hitagi was already aware of the Cursed Cat, she was not surprised upon meeting it. In the next day, Tsubasa is back to normal with no memories of her possession like usual and, for some reason, Hitagi asks her once again if she is really in love with Koyomi.

Following her question, Hitagi points out to Tsubasa that despite being similar at willing to help others, she and Koyomi are too different in everything else, including how Tsubasa is too innocent to realize if someone could approach her with malice.

On the same day, Tsubasa meets Suruga at the school and learns from her that Koyomi had sent a message to her, and from the message she deduces that he wants to meet her later that night at the abandoned cram school.

Upon returning to Hitagi's house, where she meets her father, Tsubasa relays to her what she learned from Suruga, and both agree to not meddle in Koyomi's affairs this time.

They are later visited by Karen and Tsukihi who offer their house for Tsubasa to take shelter. Tsubasa accepts their offer, just to later learn that she must sleep in Koyomi's room.

In the middle of the night, Tsubasa is possessed again and Shinobu appears before her, claiming that her connection with Koyomi was severed and she is looking for him.

The possessed Tsubasa not only reveals about Koyomi's meeting with Suruga, but also offers herself to help her get there faster, but just as the two arrive at the cram school, they find the whole place burned to the ground.

Tsubasa awakens in the next day at the Araragi house and finds out that she was possessed again. As she leaves the house, she is stopped by Koyomi's mother, Mrs.

The mother explains that while having Tsubasa as a guest is no burden to them, she should not consider the Araragi family as her own. Araragi also explains that averting one's eyes from the truth isn't running away from the problem, mentioning Tsubasa's strained relationship with her own parents.

Later, while walking through a park, Tsubasa encounters a man named "Mr. Episode", who is a half-vampire and who once almost killed her.

He was also accompanied by a woman named Izuko Gaen, whom Meme referred to as his senpai. Gaen claims she knows everything, but surprises Tsubasa when she shows her knowledge on Tsubasa's feelings towards Koyomi as well as her tiger problem.

Gaen and Mr. Episode depart, after saying that Tsubasa's problem is her own, and only she can solve it. Tsubasa goes to the library to research "Kako", what Gaen called the Tiger, but finds nothing.

She calls Hitagi, whom expresses her concern that Gaen named the Tiger "Kako" herself, to illustrate that "Gaen" was the maiden name of Kanbaru and her mother.

Hitagi explains that Tsubasa and the burnings are linked, as, wherever Tsubasa sleeps, the place burns down soon after; Hitagi and Koyomi's houses may eventually be included.

Tsubasa returns to the Araragi house, to be forced into a game of cards with Karen and Tsukihi. They discuss what the words "fire" and "flame" mean and the sister's boyfriends.

Tsubasa explains that Koyomi refuses to acknowledge the sister's boyfriends because of envy, then realizes that she is being jealous. As she prepares to confront the tiger, Tsubasa believes that she may never be able to see Koyomi again, and after attempting to leave her own mark in Koyomi's room so he remembers her, she takes a picture of herself and sends it to someone, and writes a note to her other self, in hopes that they can share each other's knowledge and feelings.

In her letter to the cat spirit, Tsubasa reveals that just like her, Kako is another apparition sired by her repressed feelings, this time of jealousy, and asks her to return both to her heart, as she is finally determined to shoulder all of her negative feelings no matter how it will change herself.

As Kako is about to burn Hitagi's apartment, Tsubasa appears to confront it. Despite having no chance to defeat Kako, Tsubasa manages to stall it long enough for Koyomi to appear and defeat it with Heartspan.

Before absorbing both the cat and tiger spirit, Tsubasa finally confesses her love for Koyomi, and as expected, he rejects her, assuming that his love for Hitagi is stronger.

After her family finally rents another house for them to live, it is revealed that Tsubasa's hair developed white stripes just like a tiger, that she hides by dying them black, and she had at last asked her parents for a room just for herself, as a sign that she finally had become a true member of her own family.

It's the last day of summer vacation and Koyomi looks for Mayoi to return the backpack she left behind at his house.

On the way, he has an encounter with Yotsugi who reveals that just like him and Mayoi, she once died, but while Koyomi was transformed into an immortal being and Mayoi became a ghost, she was revived by Yuzuru as a shikigami to serve under her.

With no sign of Mayoi, and with Yotsugi's words on his mind, Koyomi returns home and keeps thinking about what he could do for Mayoi until he is reminded by Shinobu that he has only a few hours to finish his summer homework.

He then ponders if he could return to the past to finish it in time and, much to his surprise, Shinobu reveals that it is possible.

At an abandoned temple, Shinobu opens a portal to the past and they pass through it intending to reach the previous day, but, some time later, they realize that they have traveled to eleven years in the past instead.

Realizing that he has time-traveled to a day before Mayoi's death, Koyomi decides to save her and prevent her becoming a ghost. While looking for directions, he and Shinobu meet a six-year-old Tsubasa who, suspicious of him, points them to the nearby police station.

There they learn Mayoi's address and return on the following day planning to guide her safely to her mother's house. However, after hours of waiting, Mayoi's father appears, begging their help in finding his daughter, who had run away early in the morning.

Koyomi manages to meet Mayoi at the same place where they first met, and succeeds in saving her from being hit by a truck and in preventing her death.

Koyomi and Shinobu return to the present, their job now done, but upon arrival, they realize something is very wrong: the world has been annihilated.

Returning to the present, Koyomi and Shinobu find the whole city deserted and it does not take long for them to realize that it was a consequence of saving Mayoi's life in the past.

Based on the date of the most recent newspaper they found, they come to the conclusion that something dire happened during the events of "Tsubasa Cat" and return to the shrine to look for a way to return to the past.

However, they find that Oshino had put a different charm that prevents them from using its powers and when night falls they are suddenly surrounded by undead beings.

After escaping, Shinobu realizes that the undead are not actually zombies, but vampires who lost their master, and that this master must be none other than herself.

According to her conclusions, during "Tsubasa Cat," when Shinobu ran away from home, it was Mayoi who helped Koyomi find her implying Shinobi merged with Koyomi's shadow unnoticed, when he was looking for her at the donut store after Mayoi had told him she had seen her there earlier.

But because she never became a ghost in the current timeline, Mayoi never met Koyomi, and they never became friends.

Thus, he never managed to find Shinobu, leading him to be killed by the Cursed Cat. As a consequence, Shinobu started a worldwide vampire infection having previously pondered destroying the world before eventually killing herself.

Looking for survivors, Koyomi and Shinobu decide to use some fireworks to bring the attention of whoever managed to escape with their lives, but it ends up drawing the undead to them once more.

A woman appears to drive out the undead by throwing rice at them. Much to his awe and joy, Koyomi learns that the woman is none other than a grown up Mayoi.

He pretend not to know her, however, and they introduce themselves to each other. Mayoi recognises Koyomi's name, and gives him a letter from the man who taught her about the rice.

This man was none other than Oshino, who somehow figured out what Koyomi had done. From the letter, Koyomi and Shinobu learn that when they traveled to the past, they had traveled to a whole different timeline.

Instead of berating Koyomi for destroying the world, however, he praises him for saving Mayoi, and asks Koyomi as a friend that he and Shinobu save this world's Shinobu.

After bidding farewell to the adult Mayoi, the pair return to the temple ruins and meet the alternate Shinobu, who cries tears of joy upon seeing that in another timeline, she managed to reunite with Koyomi, and offers to sacrifice herself to allow them to return to their own timeline.

Back to their own rightful time, Koyomi realizes that he missed the opening ceremony much to his chagrin, and after Shinobu returns to his shadow, the ghost of Mayoi Hachikuji appears before him, and they take their time as they walk together to his house in order to return her backpack.

Fully transformed into an apparition, Nadeko confronts Shinobu and a battered Koyomi who attack with the intention of killing her, and envious of their relationship, she stabs Koyomi's heart.

The story then retrocedes to some days before, in Halloween, when Nadeko, on her way to school has a short encounter with Ougi Oshino, Meme Oshino's niece, who is also a first year student from Koyomi's high school.

For some reason, Ougi claims that it's time for Nadeko to stop always playing the victim before she leaves. At her school, Nadeko starts having visions of white snakes and calls Koyomi for advice, and they agree to meet at 10 PM at his house, as by that time Shinobu must be awake to provide some help.

Soon after, Nadeko hears the voice of a snake instructing her to meet it at the shrine where she used to kill snakes instead and there it reveals itself as the giant apparition snake, Kuchinawa, who demands compensation for its fellow white snakes she killed by asking for a favor, to which she agrees.

After lying to Koyomi claiming that she was just imagining things, Nadeko decides to help Kuchinawa find his lost corpse, but they agree that she will attend school as usual, while looking for his body at night.

In the next day, during school, it is revealed that Nadeko's class is still in a bad mood due to the incident with Kaiki's charms, and thus the position of class rep was somewhat forced on her.

Later at night, Nadeko sneaks out of her room to start looking for Kuchinawa's body and after following a false lead, she is found by Koyomi, who takes her to his house.

It is then revealed that Nadeko's parents had realized she was missing and contacted Tsukihi, who lied to them claiming that she was sleeping there, while Koyomi left to look for her.

After insinuating to Nadeko that they should sleep together, Koyomi is knocked out by Shinobu who appears before her and ponders on how convenient it is for her to have such a cute and defenseless demeanor before she drags Koyomi away to have him sleep on the couch.

Nadeko awakens in the next day with Tsukihi, who had snuck into Koyomi's bed with the intention of sleeping beside him, at her side.

In the occasion, Tsukihi has Nadeko confess that she always was in love with her brother and realizes that the reason why she still harbors feelings for him it is because it makes easy for her to reject all other boys who ask her out, as she believes that having a proper relationship is too bothersome.

Following that, Tsukihi then grabs a pair of scissors and cuts out Nadeko's bangs, claiming that she is doing her a favour.

Later at school, Nadeko's homeroom teacher keeps pressuring her to help him restore the mood along her classmates, but when she tries to ditch him out as usual, she realizes that without her bangs, her face is fully exposed, preventing her from hiding her true feelings and suddenly, she vents out her anger at him for pushing all his work on her and following that, she lashes out at her classmates for refusing to make amends with each other after the charms incident.

After school, Kuchinawa reveals that Nadeko's sudden change of behavior is because his presence made her show her true feelings which she usually keeps repressed and claims that he discovered that what he wants Nadeko to seek for him is hidden in Koyomi's house.

Nadeko then sneaks there and searches Koyomi's room until she finds a talisman and Kuchinawa, revealing that it is what he was looking for, asks her if she has any wish he could grant her as an act of gratitude.

Nadeko then reveals that her wish is to have her feelings for Koyomi become requited, but Koyomi himself steps into the room and asserts that it is not possible.

Despite Koyomi's warnings, Nadeko swallows the talisman and revives Kuchinawa after Shinobu berates her for once again playing the victim.

The story then shifts forward to Nadeko's confrontation with Koyomi and Shinobu at the abandoned temple and it is revealed that she defeated both.

Kuchinawa then reveals that he had met Nadeko when she swallowed the talisman and all their previous interactions were fruit of Nadeko's own imagination.

It is also revealed that Gaen Izuko had entrusted Koyomi with the talisman, that it was Ougi who had filled Nadeko about the talisman's location and that all her movements since then were a ploy to infiltrate into Koyomi's house and secure a key to break into there in secret.

As Nadeko is about to kill Koyomi, she answers a call from Hitagi at his phone. Hitagi then reveals that Nadeko must kill her, Shinobu and Koyomi in this order or she may end up being killed by either Hitagi or Shinobu, and in exchange for this information, Nadeko agrees to return to kill them all at the day of their graduation.

Six months later, the day of graduation is at hand, and Nadeko waits at the polar snake shrine for Koyomi, Hitagi and Shinobu who, accompanied by Suruga and Tsubasa, appear to confront her.

After returning from his trip through time, Koyomi comes back home and meets Mayoi, finally returning her backpack. They suddenly come across a mysterious being that starts chasing them down.

The two manage to escape when they meet Yotsugi who flies away with them to safety. After stealing a kiss from Koyomi to repay for her help, Yotsugi flees, leaving Koyomi at the mercy of a furious Shinobu that appears soon after and to calm her down, Koyomi kisses her too.

With Mayoi still unconscious from their predicament, Koyomi inquires Shinobu about the "darkness" entity they saw and she claims that she had seen it before during a trip to Japan years before.

She also claims that it will cause the destruction of the entire city if nothing is done about it. Shinobu reveals that during her first visit to Japan, years ago, she saved the local people from a severe drought by accident and was revered as a goddess by them.

She then spent the next years living as a goddess in Japan until all the villagers started disappearing mysteriously, until only Shinobu and a demon hunter she befriended remained.

Soon after, the same being that Koyomi met attacked them and Shinobu barely escaped alive, taking with her the demon hunter's hand by accident, which she used to revive him as a servant of hers just like Koyomi.

However, the man blamed her for all that happened and unable to reason with him, Shinobu watched him committing suicide by exposing himself to the sunlight.

Since then Shinobu never returned to Japan until six months ago, when she and Koyomi first met. After Shinobu tells Koyomi her story, they realize that Yotsugi was overhearing their entire conversation and after Mayoi awakens, they start discussing ways to deal with the darkness being before it appears before them.

Koyomi, Mayoi and Yotsugi manage to escape again, but Koyomi is knocked out cold by the shock of Yotsugi's jumping just to awaken several hours later and learn that they unwillingly left Shinobu behind.

As Koyomi's vampire powers had not disappeared yet, they conclude that Shinobu is still alive but with Koyomi's powers weakening, it means that they have to find her before she is killed for good.

Having no clue about what to do, they decide to contact Izuko Gaen who might provide some advice and when they decide to take shelter in a house, Izuko herself opens the door for them, much to their surprise.

In exchange for her help, Gaen requests three tasks from Koyomi, all being connected to Suruga Kanbaru, formerly known as Suruga Gaen.

Izuko reveals herself as her aunt, but she doesn't want to be introduced to her as one to spare Suruga's feelings. When Koyomi accepts, she shows the darkness' true motive—it is a manifestation of the natural order, and means to destroy apparitions not behaving as they should—in this case, not Shinobu, but Mayoi.

She exposes Mayoi as a "ghost of a ghost", who should have passed on on Mother's Day, when she finally found her way home; she also stopped leading people astray, neglecting her duty as a lost cow.

Gaen leaves to allow Koyomi and Mayoi to process this, and Mayoi realizes she has to pass on, rather than be eaten by the darkness.

Bidding Koyomi farewell, she kisses him and confesses her love for him before vanishing. Four months later, Koyomi tells the story of the incident to only one person—Ougi Oshino.

On his way home, he realizes he never told Mayoi one thing he should have said—goodbye. On New Year's Day, Kaiki receives a call from Hitagi requesting his services as a con man.

After claiming that he is in Okinawa in an attempt to shake her off, Hitagi affirms that she will take a flight to meet him there, forcing him to do the same to keep his lie from being exposed and Hitagi from killing him.

Once meeting at the airport, Hitagi explains her predicament with Nadeko: Hitagi wants Kaiki to trick Nadeko into abandoning her plans to kill Hitagi and Koyomi on their graduation day.

With Oshino nowhere to be found despite Tsubasa's attempts to track him down overseas, she has no other option than asking for his assistance. Despite seeing how Hitagi is desperate enough to resort to asking a man she loathes and that she is prepared to attend whatever demand he asks, Kaiki claims that he has no reason to help them at all.

After considering the situation for some time, however, he acquiesces after considering their connection with Gaen's niece Suruga.

They leave Okinawa on separate flights to not arouse any suspicion. Posing as the father of one of Nadeko's classmates, Kaiki infiltrates her home to search for any clues.

Kaiki discovers several suspicious details, such as the fact that Nadeko had only photos of herself without any friends and that her parents, apparently not curious as to the cause of her disappearance, never opened Nadeko's closet as she requested.

Kaiki determines that she was a very spoiled child. After a brief phone conversation with Hitagi, Kaiki decides to visit the Polar Snake Shrine to learn more about Nadeko.

Immediately upon Kaiki making a donation at the shrine, a mysteriously cheerful Nadeko appears. Apparently, Kaiki is her first visitor, despite Nadeko's best efforts at renovating the shrine.

Kaiki asks her several questions about her relationship with Koyomi, confirming her twisted conception of unrequited love and that she still means to kill Koyomi and Hitagi.

Kaiki takes his leave after giving Nadeko some yarn for cat's cradle to occupy her time, promising to return before she perfects any patterns. Returning from his visit at the Polar Snake Shrine, Kaiki asks Hitagi to meet him again, ending up in a Mister Donut restaurant.

Kaiki claims that it will be easy for him to deceive Nadeko as at her current condition, she can't doubt anyone - she has turned even more childish than she was in her human state, unable to detect any ill will.

He reveals his plan to spare Koyomi and the others by lying to her that they died in an accident, thus he needs Hitagi to convince Koyomi to cease all connections with Nadeko.

Hitagi, relieved and crying, thanks him for his services. On the following day, Kaiki is approached by Yotsugi who comes with an ultimatum from Gaen urging him to pull off his scheme to deceive Nadeko, claiming that the stake is too high and the entire city may be destroyed should he fail.

According to Yotsugi, Gaen originally intended to install Shinobu as a god as part of her plan to straighten out the town, but someone intervened, resulting in the current situation, which Gaen still deems acceptable.

Nadeko cheerfully tells him that she destroyed the cat's cradle yarn and used a white snake instead. Terrified, he determines she is not only an idiot, but also insane.

After the meetup, Kaiki tricks Nadeko's parents to have them leave their house and he takes the opportunity to investigate her room, getting startled upon finding out what she kept hidden inside her closet.

Yukihiro Miyamoto. Kaiki returns to his hotelroom and finds an envelope with an anonymous message telling him to pull off.

After tearing it up and flushing it in the toilet, he contacts Hitagi, telling her about the incident with Gaen and Yotsugi.

He asks her if anyone else could profit from having him stop his plans to deceive Nadeko, however she has no idea who could have such goals.

She asked if she could see the message, but Kaiki noted that he destroyed it already. Before hanging up, Hitagi warns him to beware of Nadeko.

Returning from the temple, Kaiki is approached by Hanekawa who wants to talk to him. As they return to the city on a cab, Hanekawa reveals that she had just returned from her search for Oshino overseas without Hitagi's and Araragi's knowledge and even though she knew that continuing to look for him is futile, she intends to depart again on the following day.

It turned out that Gaen personally warned Hanekawa to stay out of the intrigue. She invites Kaiki to her hotelroom.

Kaiki, after making sure she is on their side, suggests her to exchange information with him. Kaiki learns from Tsubasa that strange phenomena have been happening in the town even before Shinobu arrived and because of that, Gaen was intending to have her become the new god of the Polar Shrine.

However, because of Koyomi's interference, her plans have failed and Nadeko turned into a god instead. Tsubasa believes that Nadeko actually does not care about anything or anybody at all, and most likely doesn't really love "Big Brother Koyomi", thus the reason for her behavior.

She is also worried if Kaiki is able to pull off the scam. On the occasion, Tsubasa asks Kaiki if Oshino has any relatives like a niece and he affirms that just like him, Oshino does not have a family at all, including siblings or such, making the existence of Ougi Oshino very suspicious.

Through the following days, Kaiki keeps visiting Nadeko to play with her and bring her presents. After having a final conversation with Hitagi by phone, during which she demands him to never set foot in the city again once the job is done, Kaiki has a short meeting with Yotsugi on the way to the shrine.

She repeats her warning and claims Kaiki won't be able to deceive Nadeko. On the occasion, it is revealed that Kaiki used his wits to bring down a cult that was deceiving Hitagi's mother but that ultimately led her to join another cult instead and for Hitagi's sake, he had her mother divorce and leave her family.

Upon meeting Nadeko at the shrine, Kaiki attempts to deceive her as planned by claiming that Koyomi, Hitagi and Shinobu were killed in a traffic accident in the previous night, however, she instantly recognizes the lie.

Kaiki realizes that he failed to deceive Nadeko because she never trusted him at all, and because she was previously deceived by Ougi into claiming the charm and becoming a god.

Nadeko unleashes a swarm of snakes onto the entire Polar Snake Shrine, immobilizing Kaiki. Believing that he was sent by Koyomi, she contemplates killing his sisters, Kanbaru, Hanekawa and Mayoi as well to punish him, until Kaiki reveals that he found out her secret aspiration to become a manga artist, as many drawings were hidden in her private closet.

Embarrassed for having her secret revealed, Nadeko starts punching and kicking Kaiki as he tries to persuade her.

He claims that eventually her parents will open the closet as well and find out about her secret, unless she renounces her godhood and returns home.

After convincing her that she should forget about Koyomi entirely and pursue her true ambitions instead, she agrees to get deceived again.

Kaiki implants a fake slug apparition into her body to have her uncounscious during the exorcism, but he's interrupted by Koyomi rushing into the shrine.

Claiming that he was sent by Gaen as a professional to deal with Nadeko, Kaiki extracts the snake charm from her body and returns it to him. Kaiki also instructs Koyomi to cut all connections with Nadeko for her sake, as she must move on with her life by herself - his relationship and romance with her would only make her a useless human being.

After calling Hitagi and confirming that his job is done, Kaiki bids farewell to her and realizes that the secret message at his hotel was sent by no other than Hitagi herself, as she knew it would have him push further with his job instead of discouraging him, and Gaen's message to him probably was for the same purpose.

As he leaves the city, Kaiki is ambushed and mortally wounded by one of the middle schoolers he formerly deceived, with it being none other than the one who cursed Nadeko.

Before he passes out, he hears Ougi's name, implying that he was sent by her. As Kaiki is losing consciousness, the middle schooler attacks him once again.

Set after the graduation of Koyomi Araragi and Hitagi Senjougahara, Suruga Kanbaru begins her third year in high school.

She continues to deal with her left hand that had been turned monstrous through the use of her mother's monkey paw charm.

After hearing rumors from Ougi - who is male now - of a "Devil" that can solve one's problems, Suruga sets out to find this person.

She secretly fears that this person is her. However, she soon discovers that the "Devil" is her former basketball rival from junior high, Rouka Numachi.

Rouka explains that she took on the role of the "Devil" after a leg injury ended her basketball career three years prior.

She continues by saying that her work as the "Devil" is merely free counseling. Suruga counters by arguing that her clients are under the impression that the "Devil" is able to magically solve their problems.

In essence, she's lying to these people. Rouka explains that in assuring her clients that she will solve their problems, she frees them from worrying about them.

The problems themselves are trivial, and get resolved on their own with time. She even says that if a person comes to her with a truly serious matter, she'll refer them an appropriate institution, such as the police.

Rouka explains that her position as the "Devil" allows her to be a collector of other people's misfortunes, something she finds joy in.

Suruga doesn't agree with the dishonesty or her reasons, but she concedes that as long as Rouka isn't hurting anyone, she won't stop her.

She is secretly relieved that she isn't the "Devil". Suruga awakes the next morning to find that her left arm has returned to normal.

With her hand restored, Suruga attempts to adjust to this change, and how it impacts her daily life. She has many questions for the "Devil" who cured her, but she is informed by Ougi that the "Devil" has vanished, and is no longer giving counsel to others.

Suruga attempts to locate the whereabouts of Rouka, but no one seems to know where she is or what she's doing. In an attempt to find some answers, she boards a train to another town.

When she arrives, she is met by none other than Deishu Kaiki. She attempts to flee, but Kaiki easily outruns her.

Knowing when she's beaten, Suruga agrees to accompany him. Kaiki takes her to a yakiniku restaurant, and explains his motivations. Kaiki was in love with Suruga's mother during his college days.

Fate kept them separated, and it was Suruga's mother's wish that if she were to die, Kaiki would look after Suruga. Suruga is skeptical of his 'good will' toward her because of her devotion to Kaiki's nemesis, Hitagi.

Kaiki reassures her that he will not deceive her. In the end, she accepts his offer. Kaiki then reveals that he knew about Suruga's monkey paw, and that a person interested in collecting items like that would visit her soon.

He implores her to let the collector have it, as the monkey paw is dangerous. Suruga then asks him how he knew she would be at the train station earlier.

He says that Rouka told him. Suruga confronts Rouka, who confirms that she is the collector of devil parts. The two play a bit of one-on-one basketball.

Contrary to her appearance as an injured cripple, Rouka is more than a match for Suruga. Rouka and Suruga then recount their stories.

Suruga tells the story of the times she used the monkey's paw, and how Koyomi and Hitagi helped her. Rouka, in turn, reveals that she not only has Suruga's monkey paw, but a monkey's leg as well.

She explains that after her injury, a friend visiting her in the hospital confided in her about a personal issue. Hearing another person's problems cheered Rouka up, and so she began collecting the misfortunes of others as the "Devil".

Rouka continues her explanation from the previous episode, recalling how she came to know Kaiki. As Kaiki is a con artist, and Rouka a collector, their methodologies are similar in how they attract their clients.

They butted heads at one point, and resolved to simply pass information between them, and not interfere with the other. Finally she reveals why she came to collect devil parts.

A person came to her with a problem, and like usual Rouka planned to listen. The girl revealed that she had a monkey leg, and her wish caused her to attack her own mother, similar to Suruga's wish on her paw.

For the first time, Rouka actually wanted to help someone, but as nothing more than a collector of misfortune, she was unable to do anything beyond embracing the girl and telling her it would be alright.

Rouka then thinks to contact Kaiki, but discovers the next morning that she now had the monkey leg. It replaced her injured leg. This begins Rouka's collection of devil parts, which she sees as opponents to her hobby as a collector of misfortune.

With everything explained, Rouka leaves Suruga, expecting to not see her again. At home, Suruga is still adjusting to her arm being normal.

She receives news from Karen Araragi on the current status of Rouka. Apparently Rouka committed suicide over three years prior, meaning the Rouka she had talked to was a ghost the whole time.

To clear her head, Suruga decides to go for a run. She runs hard and collapses from exhaustion in the middle of the road. A car drives up to her, and as Suruga attempts to get out of the way, the driver reveals himself to be Koyomi.

Koyomi elects to drive Suruga back into town. Along the way, Suruga vaguely confides in Koyomi, telling him of how in their own ways, Rouka, Kaiki, and even her own mother had told her to stay out of this issue, and that time would make things okay in the end.

As a man of action, Koyomi rejects this, and encourages Suruga to face her problems if she wants them to be solved.

Suruga, emboldened by Koyomi's words, agrees. Upon returning home, Suruga finds a package left to her by Kaiki.

It is a mummified monkey's head. Now armed with the proper leverage and conviction, Suruga calls out Rouka for a basketball rematch.

Using the head as bait, Suruga challenges Rouka for control of the devil parts. When asked for a reason, initially Suruga says that she fears what Rouka would become if she were to gather all the devil parts, but she later admits that it is because she despises Rouka.

Rouka warns her that because the stakes are so high, she'll make full use of her devil parts, including her hand and leg, giving her an advantage.

Suruga proposes that they play only a single round, with the two of them utilizing their strongest areas of play. Suruga is an offensive powerhouse, and Rouka is a defensive specialist.

If Suruga is able to make a basket, she wins. If not, Rouka wins. After a bit of probing, Rouka reveals that she has no idea that she committed suicide, and is now a ghost, shocking Suruga.

Suruga realizes that she's also going to be fighting to make Rouka realize that she's dead. And in doing so she'll confirm that she and Rouka are in fact, different people.

Suruga begins her match with Rouka. From the start, she realizes that she won't be able to get around Rouka's defense.

But in a moment of quick thinking, Suruga passes the ball to Rouka. As Rouka tenses up in shock over the unexpected move, Suruga swiftly steals the ball from Rouka's hands and gets around her.

Suruga goes for a dunk, but Rouka challenges her at the top of her jump. The dunk goes in. In the aftermath, the two share a laugh over the match.

Rouka reveals that due to her play style and her personality, her teammates never passed her the ball very often, which is why it surprised her when her opponent did it.

Basking in defeat, Rouka encourages Suruga to go back to playing basketball, or at least do something with her talents instead of just watching from the sidelines.

As Suruga is about to respond, she looks down to find that Rouka has disappeared, gone to the afterlife. In her place she left behind all of the devil parts that she had collected.

Suruga gathers the parts, and finally admits that the whole time she had been jealous of Rouka. The next day Suruga awakes to find Koyomi, who is there to help her clean her room.

The stories start to finish have surprising depth if you can just look past the intentional cliches, nearly everything is done for a reason and a small detail 20 "episodes" previously suddenly becomes a critical point.

This was no exception, and maybe my sleep impaired brain missed the clues but the surprise at the end was quite good..

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Tokyo MXBS11GYT, GTVTV SaitamaCTCtvkMBSTVhTV AichiTVQ. Retrieved July 27, Sex Coach Vom Liebeskummer Zur Schnellen Nummer Retrieved February 19, While waiting for Hitagi to arrive, Koyomi begins to find out more about Mayoi's life. She Leviten Lesen him with Cäsar Und Cleopatra father, who tells Koyomi that he can't be there for Wdr Programm Live often and asks Koyomi to take care of her. Back to the present, the pair find in the letters a map leading to an abandoned house. Retrieved July 30, It is then revealed that Nadeko's parents had realized she was missing and contacted Tsukihi, who lied to them claiming that she was sleeping Owarimonogatari, while Koyomi left to look for her. See also: List of Monogatari characters. She attempts Horoskop Woche Steinbock flee, but Kaiki easily outruns her. As he leaves Jamies Superfood city, Kaiki is ambushed and mortally wounded by one of the middle schoolers he formerly deceived, with it being none other than the one who Telefunken D32h286b3cw Nadeko. The next day, Koyomi gets himself relieved upon knowing that Disney Plus Programmliste is on maternity leave and he won't see her again until he graduates.
Owarimonogatari Owarimonogatari ist ein Anime des Studios»SHAFT Inc.«mit dem Hauptgenre Geistergeschichten. Beschreibung: Im Oktober seines dritten Jahres auf der. Owarimonogatari Second Season ist ein Anime des Studios»SHAFT Inc.«mit dem Hauptgenre Geistergeschichten. Beschreibung: Owarimonogatari Second. mein schatz is the fourth (third in TV broadcast) opening theme song of the Owarimonogatari. OWARIMONOGATARI, Part 1: End Tale (Owarimonogatari: Monogatari) | NISIOISIN, Vofan | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit.

Whrend John berall nach Outcast 2014 sucht, allerdings findet man Erotik Filme Vox Kinofilme lteren Jahrgangs, Poseidon das Handwerk zu legen - jedoch nicht ohne Verluste. - Statistiken

Im Oktober seines dritten Jahres auf der Highschool Tennis Streaming Live Koyomi Araragi durch seine Kouhai Suruga Kanbaru der Austauschschülerin Ougi Oshino vorgestellt.



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